This website contains exercises for learning LaTeX. LaTeX Wikibooks is the standard reference used in this course.

Week 1

1. Installing LaTeX
TeX Live or MacTeX.
2. Hello world!
Typesetting your first document in TeXworks.
3. Basics
LaTeX fundamentals
4. Writing mathematical texts
Math environment, characters, powers and indices, operators, fractions, roots, dots, matrices, brackets, horizontal whitespace, layout, list of symbols.
5. Writing texts
Special characters and accents, paragraphs, non-breaking space, emphasis, lists, verbatim, url and quoting.
6. Errors and warnings
Error fixing 101.
7. Homework
LaTeXing a homework exercise.

Week 2

8. Nederlandse schrijfgids (Dutch writing guide)
Nederlandse stijlregels voor wiskunde en LaTeX.
9. Rewriting poor work
Exercise in editing
10. Structure
Structure of a LaTeX file, document classes, packages, topmatter, groups, commands and environments.
11. Advanced mathematics
Gather, align, matrices, text in mathematical expressions, cases, multiline subscripts, references.

Week 3

12. Document class uvamath
The uvamath document class.
13. Advanced document structure
Writing an article. Chapters, sections, paragraphs, theorems, figures, tables, floats, references, bibliography.

Week 4

14. LaTeX Beamer
Presentations with LaTeX Beamer.


15. Bibliography and citations in LaTeX
Making a bibliography.
16. Proper citations in the text
Proper citations in the text.
17. BibTex
Working with Bibtex.
18. TikZ
Creating images with TikZ.
19. Posters
Creating a poster in LaTeX.


This website is part of the course "Programmeren en Experimenteren" taught at the University of Amsterdam.