For the project we use the uvamath document class. In this lesson we will introduce this class. This class file was designed by former math student Jeroen Zuiddam (now CWI). It was adapted by Jolien Oomens, Tim Henke and Tijn de Vos.

1. Download the uvamath class.

Do not download the files separately. Use the download button: download a zip archive. Unzip the zip file. The folder contains several files.

We mention:

2. Open demo-compalglatex.tex.

You write your report in this file. It is better to duplicate this file (make a copy) and to rename it appropiately (use your names or the title of the project).

3. Fill in some details.

The file demo-compalglatex.tex starts with loading the uvamath class and some necessary packages.

% For English text, put the option "english" after documentclass.


\usepackage[pdfborder={0 0 0}]{hyperref}
\usepackage{lipsum} % only used for sample texts

The default language of the uva math class is Dutch. For English text you can use the option english for both \documentclass and babel:



Subsequently we insert the title, authors, etc. Please fill out your own name and the names of your supervisors (your teachers in this class).

\title{Lossless Image Coding}

\author[, 6127901]{Henk de Vries}
\author[, 6123102]{Ingrid de Vries}
%\author[, 6123102]{Astrid de Vries}

\supervisors{prof.\ dr.\ Carl Friedrich Gauss}
\secondgrader{dr.\ Karl Weierstrass}


You can add more authors using \author. As an optional argument you pass your email address and student number. Replace bestandsnaam by the name of a picture. Make sure this picture is in the same folder as your .tex file. You can resize the picture using scale.

We will now create frontmatter, a summary and a table of contents.


\lipsum[2-3] % sample text


Observe that the summary appears in the abstract environment.

In the rest of the file you write the content of the document. Chapters can be made with \chapter and the appendix with \appendix.





Naam en referenties van het artikel waar je project over gaat.